Doge is an unlockable character in Crazy Crossover Clash.

Moveset Edit

Neutral: Wombo Combo: Grabs opponent and beats them down. Causes high damage and knockback, but needs to recharge after use (10 seconds).

Side: Sanic Rush: Rushes forward with Sanic feet. Can be aimed up or down.

Up: Bigley: Grabs hold of Bigley's legs and flies up.

Down: Memes: Charge up a meme to place down. Charge for too long to get a trollface, which does nothing.

Super Special: Shoop da Whoop: Fires a giant laser similar to Samus' Final Smash

Doge super special

Doge's Super Special

Unlockability Edit

Complete "Adventure Mode" as 5 characters, or fight 10 battles. Then fight on Teh Interwebs stage.